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Start enterprise culture construction, promote enterprise development

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On December 1, 2020, the enterprise culture construction of Hefei Saiwang Nut Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was officially opened.

After the company management meeting, wechat group collection, discussion, publicity, is now officially put into use in various forms.

From the company courtyard, office building, production workshop, corporate culture signs can be seen everywhere, let you feel the strong corporate culture atmosphere of Kesai. In this environment, each of our employees will try their best to do self-examination and self-review of their own work, to develop strengths and weaknesses, modest and enterprising, and constantly improve themselves. Every administrative staff, team leader, staff, should have a sense of crisis, to realize that only to master the attitude to study, work hard, to make their own strong.

Let us keep the enterprise culture in mind, always practice in work and life, let KOSai products, bathed in the spring breeze of culture, happy work!

Expectation: all kOSai staff, strive to do their own work, make concerted efforts to give full play to their light and strength on the platform of the company, try our best to gain customers' recognition with good product quality, but also to harvest their own wealth!

Call: all Kosai people, to be familiar with the company's corporate culture, try our best to produce high-quality nuts roasted equipment, and customers, the company's integrity and win-win, to achieve the goal of common development!

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