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Hefei Saiwang Nut Machinery 2020 New Year's Meeting successfully held!

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Hefei Saiwang Nut Machinery co., LTD successfully held the New Year's Meeting on January 4, 2020 in The Feixi Vienna International Hotel!

We waved goodbye to 2019 and completed the expected target output value! The company because of the support of all staff, this year's production tasks can smoothly on schedule and quality to customers. In the hot summer, when our production tasks were busy and tense, we braved the heat and stuck to our jobs with the same goal. From the sales of orders, the delivery of task orders, r & D engineers of the design, drawing, procurement of the procurement department, such as the production of the production department, quality control of the quality control department. Every product leaves the factory and delivers goods, all condenses the company all staff's hard work.

In the hearts of Kosai people, customer satisfaction is our pursuit.

Because of your presence, this annual meeting has a beautiful meaning! Thanks to all the participants! Under the leadership of Mr. Sun, we will seize every moment and live up to our youth in 2020. All KESai staff will continue to work hard, stay true to our original aspiration, and move forward together with vigorous and pioneering attitude towards the future!

Special thanks to the backstage staff of the annual conference!
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