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Company dynamics

For those of you who work hard, thumbs up!

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Surprise, everywhere, for the diligent you, praise!

1. On October 31, 2021, our company will hold laser welding competition in the production workshop, and the two winners will take a group photo with the company leaders:

(From left to right: the third is the champion Wang Chunmei, the second is the runner-up Zhang Juxiang, thumbs up for you! Plum blossom incense from the bitter cold!)

2. In October 2021, the prize for passing the welding certificate examination is RMB 200 for the first time and RMB 100 for the second time.

(From left to right: Cao Mingrong, Zhang Zengwu, Xu Jun, congratulations, I hope all your efforts will not be disappointed!)

3. Birthday group photo of employees in November 2021 (the birthday gift is caidixuan cake worth 50 yuan, which will be given to each employee in the same month) :

(Birthday hero from left to right: the second Zhang Juxiang, the third Ouzhengshi, I wish you a happy birthday and a happy and healthy family!)

In November, there are wind and frost, there is warm Yang, there is the beginning of winter, there is light snow, there is Thanksgiving, we face the wind, the wind of every day!

November, so beautiful, so quiet, so warm, and so cool, we cherish the present, facing the winter warm sun, warm you and me!

In November, we wish all the good unexpected, all the efforts will not be disappointed!

In November, let us live in the eyes of the sun, smile is all magnanimous, come on together duck!

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