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Melon seed peanut pot (flip type)

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The melon seed boiler is an atmospheric pressure boiler, which is suitable for cooking sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts and other nuts.

There are two styles, one is the ordinary cover type atmospheric cooker (the cover can be customized or not according to customer needs), as shown in the figure above; the other is the automatic flip type atmospheric cooker, as shown in the figure below.


The company also has a natural gas direct fired boiler. The heat source used is natural gas. The heating method is that the natural gas burns directly against the boiler body and heats the boiler body through the circulating aisle, so as to achieve the purpose of relatively rapid temperature rise of the boiler body.

This equipment can be equipped with small and medium-sized simple melon seed and peanut production line, peanut fruit production line, large watermelon seed production line, Spiced melon seed production line, pistachio and other production lines.

Part of the process flow of the equipment is as follows:

Spiced melon seed production line: cooking → feeding → pre drying section of dryer → secondary drying → re baking and cooling → discharging and packaging

1、 Overall dimension and structure (take qdg600 as an example)

The machine is made of stainless steel.

1. Overall dimension (outer circle diameter) × Total height): Φ one thousand nine hundred and sixty × two thousand three hundred and ten

2. The upper part of the machine body is closed with a stainless steel cover with an exhaust hole.

3. The stainless steel blue body containing cooking materials is placed in the inner cavity. The medicine bag placement area required by the user is designed at the lower part of the stainless steel blue body. The medicine bag placement area can also be specially designed and processed according to the actual situation of the user.

4. A blowdown outlet is designed at the bottom, which can be used during shutdown or cleaning.

5. In order to effectively utilize the heat source, a thermal insulation layer with thermal insulation function is wrapped outside the body.

6. In addition, when in use, weighting blocks are equipped according to the actual situation, so that all materials can be immersed in the liquid medicine.

2、 Technical parameters

1. Pressure of air source for heating ≥ 4kg

2. The air flow pressure used for turning is ≥ 0.2kg

3. Weight of materials that can be stored ≥ 600kg

4. Cooking time: about 70 minutes (specifically determined by the technical parameters of items 1 and 2)

First drying → re baking and cooling → packaging by packaging machine.

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