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Hefei saiwang nut Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hefei Kesai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) produces four series of nut machinery equipment and corresponding supporting products, including cooking, frying, drying and cooling. The company's main products include: original melon seed production line, large, medium and small watermelon seed production line, spiced sunflower seed production line, multi flavor peanut fruit production line, nut production line, single-layer and three-layer heat transfer oil and direct combustion belt dryer, heat transfer oil and direct combustion external circulation frying pan, atmospheric pressure direct combustion and steam heat transfer oil pneumatic boiling pan, micro pressure boiling pan, nut flavoring pan, direct combustion peeling melon seed frying pan, pneumatic double-layer turnover baking tower It produces all kinds of nuts, frying equipment and drying equipment such as self unloading single-layer drying tank, and R & D and manufacturing of all kinds of direct combustion equipment. The heat sources are natural gas, heat transfer oil, steam, electricity, etc.

Hefei Kesai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is an enterprise integrating research, development, production and manufacturing. The factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters and has complete processing equipment. The company can customize and design according to the requirements of customers.

Our services:

1. We will try our best to reply to pre-sales technical consultation letters and calls. Whether you are new or old customers, we will provide corresponding solutions, product planning and entrepreneurial guidance suggestions according to customer needs.

2. Quality supervision during sale during the production engineering of our equipment, there will be a quality inspection manager, technical engineer and sales manager to supervise the production quality of products, accept the inspection requirements of customers before delivery, and maintain telephone and wechat communication with customers at any time.

3. After sales technical support we have hardworking after-sales service personnel to answer customers' questions about equipment use and after-sales fault consultation, and provide after-sales service solutions that meet customers' needs to solve customers' concerns.

4. Customer first. In terms of products and services, try our best to meet your production process requirements, and provide customers with sporadic equipment for the production of various melon seeds and other nuts, or consulting and purchasing services for complete flow production lines.

2000 Xiangguazi Kang room began trial production in Qiaqia, Anhui Province

2001 The mechanical drive type melon seed rotary cooker was successfully tested in Qiaqia, Anhui Province

2002 The continuous closed melon seed cooling line was successfully tested in Qiaqia, Anhui Province
2003 The continuous fragrant melon seed redrying machine was successfully tested in Qiaqia, Anhui Province
2004 Fuel oil, steam - fired tea melon seeds and large watermelon seeds rotary frying pan were successfully tested in Qiaqia, Anhui Province
2005 Inverted heat transfer oil internal circulation filter fryer is launched.
2006 Watermelon seed spiral automatic soup dipping machine and mesh belt automatic soup dipping machine were launched
2007 The melon sub net belt automatic dryer was successfully tested in Qingdao Qingguang Food Co., Ltd.
2007 The round pneumatic melon seed cooking pot was successfully tested in Qiaqia, Anhui Province
2008 The automatic nut production line has been successfully tested in Qiaqia, Anhui Province. It is suitable for pistachios, almonds, cashews and other products
2008 The blowing and sucking cooling line for broad beans and small and fragrant melon seeds was successfully tested in Qiaqia, Anhui Province.
2009 The full-automatic melon seed frying pan with internal and external circulation was successfully tested in Jiangsu Alishan food company.
2011 The full-automatic heat transfer oil external circulation frying pan has been successfully trial produced in Inner Mongolia damongfei food company. 2011 The automatic chain drying production line of peanut fruit with up-down blowing plate was successfully trial produced in Shandong laosandong Food Co., Ltd.
2011 The electromagnetic frying pan was successfully tested in Bengbu Risheng food company.
2011 Hefei saiwang nut Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was officially registered as an enterprise registered with the Administration for Industry and Commerce together with Hefei Kesai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2012 The assembly line wet peeling machine for peeling melon seeds was successfully trial produced in Qiaqia food company.
2012 The company officially settled in the industrial zone of SHANGPAI Town, Hefei, invested 10 million yuan and established its own plant.
2013 The double-layer turnover plate drying tower was successfully tested in Zhejiang Wuyi Hengtong food company.
2013 A large watermelon seed production line was successfully tested in Lanzhou Fengsheng food factory, Gansu Province.
2015 Natural gas direct fired boiler and drying tower are launched. Natural gas direct combustion is a new way of cooking and drying energy in the speculation industry.
2015 Steam and heat transfer oil three-layer and multi-layer belt dryers are launched.
2015 Peeled melon seed frying pan was launched in Qiaqia company.
2016 Three layer and multi-layer natural gas direct combustion drying line was launched.
2017 On the basis of the original direct fired drying trunk line, the company innovated and developed a three-layer and single-layer natural gas heat conversion drying line.
2017 The automatic walnut kernel production line has been successfully tested in Jixi squirrel yunzhan's factory. It is an assembly line of nut kernel.
2018 The company has newly developed a three-layer and five-layer natural gas direct natural heat conversion small output production line
In 2019, the automatic walnut and Bigen fruit production line was successfully tested in Anhui Zhanshi Food Co., Ltd
In 2020, hot air circulation single-layer, three-layer drying tank and flip type drying tank will be launched.
In 2021, PLC automatic control, data tracking and other improved boilers were successfully tested in Chuzhou.

In the future, we will not forget our original intention and move forward with inspiration.

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